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IEEE Boston 

Consultants network

    Our Mission

    The Boston Section of the IEEE Consultants Network serves our consulting members of the IEEE, business and industry.

    Services you can find here:

    • A network of Boston / Massachusetts consulting companies and independent consultants
      • Electrical, software, hardware, mechanical engineers and consultants
    • Resources to find a consult that will help you with your product development
    • Networking events with professional consultants

    We work for:

    • Accelerating the pace of product and service innovation
    • Enhancing the quality of high-impact regulatory and policy decisions
    • Providing public and private education in areas that affect society

    We work for the benefit of business and industry by

    • Providing a user-friendly on-line database and active personal networks, supplying top expertise in diverse fields spanning electro-technology, IT, project management, business operations and regulatory affairs
    • Making innovation and problem-solving help available cost-effectively and without commitment to long-term overhead growth or distraction from core activities
    • Providing strategic guidance in business development and internal operations based on experience and knowledge that is deep, diverse in industry and geography, and objective.

    We support our members by helping these independent consultants to be more effective by

    • Developing and maintaining top expertise in specific or general areas of practice
    • Discerning strategic trends and reorienting their practices appropriately
    • Facilitating industry's understanding of certain key technologies
    • Contributing to improving the state of consulting practice and content areas
    • Providing coaching and seminars in how to run a productive consulting business for new consultants

    The Boston Section of the IEEE Consultants Network holds regular forums that are open to the public, exploring specialist and general-interest topics ranging from specific advances in engineering, electronics, hardware, software, systems integration and protocols to relational skills, intellectual property law, technical writing, emerging regulations and policy. These meetings provide an excellent opportunity for long-term and new members and unaffiliated guests to coach and learn from each other, share professional and educational opportunities, and develop new alliances.